Shawn Adams was raised in the beautiful Okanagan the heart of the fruit belt. Going to school amongst the apple blossoms and spending summers on the beautiful beaches! Orcharding is a way of life in the Okanagan so Farming was not a big leap for Shawn when he found himself in the beautiful Saskatchewan prairies. Shawn doesn’t just pretend to be a country boy he really is one. 


  An incurable form of dementia destined to take his life. With courage Shawn wrote a moving song and released a video called “Please Remember Me”. Viewed by thousands. Shawn was truly humbled. This same song won Adams second place in 2020 in the International Singer Songwriters Association Gold Record Competition. The only Canadian to place in the top 5, garnering well over 20,000 votes, worldwide.  

In 2018 Shawn was given the shocking news he had been misdiagnosed!! Instead of being bitter or angry Shawn took this new lease on life with his new manager Pinky Simms (Black Mountain Music & Media) and hit the studio hard!!  

In 2018 was introduced to the song “Other Side Of Midnight”. However, Shawn found himself in a place many of us have found ourselves, in a relationship not working. Still the song struck a chord with him. When he heard the song, it reminded him of how he felt when he was out with his “boys”. “Other side of Midnight” almost never came to be. Discouraged in love and in the sound the original producer was coming up with, Shawn was ready to walk away from the project. In 2019 Adams was introduced to a new producer, Aspen Beveridge of Skull Creek productions.  

With a new love supporting him, “The Other side of Midnight” became about their love.  

Shawn’s life has once again begun a new! New producer! New marriage. New song. 




Management Black Mountain Music & Media